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Service and Repair

Unfortunately, when you mix electricity, and water, and a running motor, and oil filled reservoirs, and add in years and years of service… things do go wrong.  In addition, muskrats, turtles, debris, and sometimes even vandalism, create troublesome situations for the fountains and their owners.  When the event does happen, we will be quick to respond.  90% of our calls with fountain problems get on site examination within 24 hours.  Due to our experience, many issues may be fixed on site, in the field, or in our shop.  If there is warranty work that needs to be completed, no problem.  We have excellent relationships with the manufacturers and will expedite the warranty work to get your fountain back in the water and running as soon as possible.  This is not a fun part of our job, but we do it based on the golden rule… deliver quick, accurate information to our customers and provide them options, if available, for remedies to their fountain issue. 

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