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Installation and Winterization

There is no substitute for experience.  We have experienced, dedicated field technicians that only focus on new fountain aeration installation and troubleshooting and repair of older units.  We use only stainless steel wire and connectors in our new installations.  We shop test the control panel and fountain and perform an orientation for our customers on site upon installation.

When it comes time to pull your fountain for the winter, we will take care of all of that dirty work for you, as well.   After securing the control panel and power cords on site, we bring the fountain back to the shop for a thorough descaling, power washing, and check from top to bottom.  If we identify any possible service items we contact you immediately so repairs may be made over the winter months.  This may be as simple as replacing light bulbs or as complex as changing out motors.  Your fountain will enjoy a winter in our state of the art, temperature controlled building.  When the time comes, re-deployment will be scheduled and performed with no worries or time commitment from you!

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