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Picking the Right Brand of Fountain

The three main fountain manufacturers are Aquamaster, Kasco, and Otterbine.  Just about any aquatics company that does ANY fountain business will represent at least one of these companies.  We represent all three.  We have 15 years of experience assisting individuals with making the right choice for THEIR needs.  We have sold and installed 100’s of fountains from these manufacturers.  Let us help YOU decide the right fountain for your objectives!

​Picking the Right Size of Fountain

It is very important for you to purchase the correct size of fountain.  The correct horsepower, the correct power supply, and the correct spray pattern.  Water depth, pond size and shape, even prevailing wind direction can influence the correct fountain and pattern to maximize your goals.  Be cautious of a quote for a fountain that is too small for your objective.  By the time it is installed, it will be too late.  Likewise, too much fountain will use more energy than necessary and could actually overpower your pond.  We will help you choose the perfect fountain.

Picking the Right Fountain Company

With our experience, we will make your fountain purchasing process enjoyable.  There are many moving parts to a succesful fountain purchase and installation.  Selecting the fountain, power source considerations (establishment, pulling permits, ground work, pedestal installation), fountain delivery, control panel installation and programming, testing, and finally, deployment!  We want to do more than email you the lowest price.  We want to work with you on what can be a great and rewarding project!


We will always quote the MSRP.  We don’t like playing games.  The manufacturers provide us a wholesale price and a suggested retail price.  That is what we quote.  Not more, not less.  Some vendors may undercut this price to get your order based on price alone.  Buyer beware.  If this happens, yet you would be more comfortable working with a more established firm, just let us know…we will do whatever is reasonably possible to work with you.  Once you decide you would like to work with us, let’s meet and plan out your fountain.  We have software that can virtually place different fountains on YOUR pond or lake for you to see what it will look like, before purchasing.  A big decision like this should not be done by email alone!

“Your Fountain Experts”

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