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Algae Treatment

Algae growth and blooms are a fickle matter.  Water depth, air temperature, surrounding terrain and many other factors will alter the current state of ecological balance.  Algae may not have the right growing conditions one moment, only to have a storm front, warm spell, or nitrogen runoff from your neighbor’s property, create the perfect growing conditions.  If you’ve noticed an increase in algae growth or have a specific weed that is growing rapidly, then it’s essential to regain the natural balance by removing the problematic aquatic species. Our licensed Applicators are readily available to work with you to manage and maintain your waterway problem.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have the in depth knowledge of aquatic weed management needed to provide you with immediate results. We use the latest technology available on the market today and apply only EPA registered chemicals. Our innovative chemical mixes are the reason we are one of Indiana’s leading providers of aquatic vegetation management.
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